Shop Cleaning Day

Spent the day emptying a dozen carts of parts that need to be put away, crap that needed to be thrown out, and parts needing to go onto vehicles.

I put away stuff in the proper bin, in shipping containers, but I still have to spend a day sorting through stuff I have on the floor of each of four shipping containers.

As I was clearing off carts, I rolled them outside for my shop rat to wash.

Race Shop Update

A lot going on at the shop, here’s some of the goings on:

The Whale has been sanded as smooth as a baby’s ass (so I’ve been told), and ready to go to Indiana to be wrapped into a new theme. I will be keeping the Texas/Confederate Battle Flag roof.

The Texas Thug went on it’s first road trip yesterday. Easy for 2.5 miles and the wick turned up on the way back.

All that really is left is to sand the bumpers down and try that $300 a pint chrome paint.

My 46 Olds Street Rod is halfway finished having a new wiring kit installed.

Inspected and registered my Allante, Stacker, Geezerglide, Drifter, and the Genesis I’m giving my Daughter.

Mowed the five acres that the shop is on, including the wildflower meadow I let grow until May every year. While the wildflowers are dying off, the Cactus roses are blooming. Stopped to visit with Smith and Wesson’s friends. They love chasing the Angus/Brahma/Brangus calves – much to the chagrin of their mothers.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.